<p>This Spin plugin determines if the local installation of <code>spin</code> CLI is up-to-date or not. On invocation, the plugin will request the version number of <code>spin</code> (only considering stable releases) and compare it to the version installed locally. If the local installation is outdated, installation instructions will be printed to <code>stdout</code>.</p> <h2>Installation</h2> <pre><code class="language-bash">spin plugins install --url https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fermyon/spin-plugins/main/manifests/check-for-update/check-for-update.json </code></pre> <h2>Usage</h2> <pre><code class="language-bash">spin check-for-update # ⠋⠉ Checking for latest spin CLI version... # Your spin CLI is up to date (version 1.4.1) ✅ </code></pre>