Spin Cloud v0.7.0 Updates

Spin Cloud 0.7.0 changelog

Before the v0.7.0 release of the spin cloud plugin, Spin applications could only use a “default” key-value store. This release of the cloud plugin brings support for sharing key-value stores between applications, linking multiple key-value stores to an application, and dynamically updating which key-value stores are linked to an application.

Spin Cloud v0.7.0 Updates

The updated CLI includes all the commands needed to take these management actions:

  • spin cloud kv create will create a key-value store on Fermyon Cloud
  • spin cloud kv delete will delete a key-value store
  • spin cloud kv rename will rename a key-value store
  • spin cloud kv set will set key-value pairs in a key-value store
  • spin cloud link kv will connect your key-value store to a Spin application
  • spin cloud unlink kv will disconnect your key-value store from a Spin application
  • spin cloud deploy will detect whether your application uses key-value stores and prompt you to create new key-value stores or link the application to existing ones.

Upgrading to Spin Cloud v0.7.0

To upgrade your spin cloud plugin, please use the following command:

spin plugins update
spin plugins upgrade cloud

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the upgrade process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Discord #cloud channel.