Deploy an application

This article will guide you through deploying a Spin Application with the Fermyon Cloud. You can deploy your Spin App or Bartholomew site in just a few steps.

Prerequisites - Install the Spin CLI

Before developing a Spin application, you need to have the Spin CLI installed locally. Here’s a way to install the Spin CLI:

$ curl -fsSL | bash
Additional info

It’s easier if you move the spin binary somewhere in your path, so it can be accessed from any directory. E.g., sudo mv ./spin /usr/local/bin/spin.

You can verify the version of Spin installed by running spin --version

Log in to the Fermyon Cloud

Next, you can log in to the Fermyon Cloud, which requires your GitHub account to sign in:

$ spin login

Copy your one-time code:


...and open the authorization page in your browser:

Waiting for device authorization...
Device authorized!

This command generates an authentication code for your device to be authorized on the Fermyon Cloud.

Deploy Your Application

After having signed in to the Fermyon Cloud, you deploy the application, by running the following command in the directory where your applications spin.toml file is located:

$ spin deploy
Uploading cloud_start version 0.1.0+XXXXXXXX to Fermyon Cloud...
Waiting for application to become ready... ready
Available Routes:
  cloud-start: (wildcard)

Take a look at the Quickstart article for how to get a pre-built application to deploy.

Additional info

spin deploy can point to a spin.toml file by using the --file option.

Congratulations on deploying your Spin Application! 🥳

Next Steps