Fermyon Cloud

This is the open beta of the Fermyon Cloud. For more information about limitations and support, please see the FAQ.

The Fermyon Cloud is a cloud application platform for WebAssembly microservices. It enables you to run Spin applications, at scale, in the cloud, without any infrastructure setup.


This site contains the documentation for the Fermyon Cloud. Here you will:

Getting support

If you have any questions (and cannot find answers) on this site, please go to our Discord server for assistance.

Open beta

The Fermyon Cloud is currently an open beta service. This means that Fermyon Technologies does not provide any service-level agreements on the service, including the workloads you choose to deploy. We also reserve the right to break compatibility with:

  • the Fermyon Cloud API, and
  • support for previous and current versions of the Spin SDK

Did we miss something?

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