Erlang (BEAM languages) in WebAssembly

Erlang is the most prominent of the BEAM languages. Elixir is another popular BEAM language.

The Lumen project is endeavoring to create a BEAM runtime and a compiler so that the BEAM applications can be run in a WebAssembly host environment.

Available Implementations

Lumen is a compiler and runtime.


It is not immediately clear what the intended usage pattern for Lumen and WebAssembly is.

Pros and Cons

Things we like:

  • The idea of having both runtime and code compile is cool

Things we’re not big fans of:

  • We could not immediately figure out exactly how Lumen works, and builds appear to be failing
  • The project might be stalled or unmaintained. It has not been updated in over a year.


All of our examples follow a documented pattern using common tools.

No example is available at this time.

Learn More

Here are some great resources:

  • Erlang fans may also appreciate Lunatic, a WebAssembly platform built using an Erlang-style OTP. It will soon support WASI.