Spin Cloud v0.5 Updates

Spin Cloud v0.5.0 Changelog

We’re excited to announce the v0.5.0 release of the spin cloud plugin. Some notable improvements over the last minor update include:

  • Support for component model on Fermyon Cloud! Simply use Spin 2.0’s application manifest and run spin cloud deploy to deploy your component model enlightened Spin application to Fermyon Cloud. You can learn more about the many benefits of the component model (polyglot, performance, & portability, to name a few) with our latest blog post.
  • spin cloud logs allows you to stream logs produced by your Spin application of choice running on Fermyon Cloud.

Also, please note, there is a slight rewording in the help commands of spin cloud’s help text:

  • Removal of NoOps database wording, from spin cloud help text. The NoOps feature has been renamed to Fermyon Cloud SQLite database; so you will notice the new wording of SQLite database, anywhere you used to see NoOps. No action is required on your end as part of the name change.