Install Spin

Installing Spin

Spin runs on Linux (amd64), macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon) and Windows with WSL2 (amd64).

There are multiple ways to install Spin. The easiest is to use the installer script, hosted on this site.

This command will install the latest version of Spin in you current directory.

$ curl -fsSL | bash

It’s highly recommended to add Spin to a folder, which is on your path, e.g.:

$ sudo mv spin /usr/local/bin/

Linux: Additional Libraries

On a fresh Linux installation, you will also need the standard build toolchain (gcc, make, etc.), the SSL library headers, and on some distributions you may need pkg-config.

On Debian-like distributions, including Ubuntu, you can install these with a command like this:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev pkg-config

Installing a specific version of Spin

To install a specific version, you can pass arguments to the install script this way:

$ curl -fsSL | bash -s -- -v v0.6.0

To install canary version of spin, you should pass the argument -v canary. The canary version is always the latest commit to the main branch of Spin.

$ curl -fsSL | bash -s -- -v canary

Building Spin from source

Follow the contribution document for a detailed guide on building Spin from source:

$ git clone
$ cd spin && make build
$ ./target/release/spin --help

Using Cargo to install Spin

If you have cargo, you can clone the repo and install it to your path:

$ git clone -b v0.6.0
$ cd spin
$ rustup target add wasm32-wasi
$ cargo install --locked --path .
$ spin --help

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