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Built With Spin

Spin can be used to build many different types of applications. The following blog articles show how different applications are built with Spin.

Like Button

How I Built a Like Button for My Blog with Spin

Social App

The ‘Building a Social App with Spin’ series covers the process and decision-making of building an authenticated, dynamic, database-backed application and API, right the way from downloading Spin and setting up the project to deploying the finished application to the cloud.

Static Content Server

Serving Static Content via WebAssembly


Bots With Spin and Fermyon Cloud

URL Shortener and QR Code Generator

Shortlink and QR Code Generator

Content Management System (CMS)

Build Your Own Content Management System (CMS) From a Template

The Finicky Whiskers Game

The ‘Finicky Whiskers’ series covers the journey of creating a game with an architecture designed to re-think microservices and showcase how WebAssembly modules can be started, executed, and shut down in the blink of an eye.

Finicky Whiskers was built to be the world’s most adorable manual load generator, so it’s not necessarily an model of how to use Spin most efficiently! But the series may be useful for decomposing an application into Spin microservices, and as a look at how Spin and containers can work together. As a bonus, if you are interested, you can play the game here.

Accessing External APIs

Chances are whatever you are building will want to talk to other endpoints on the web. If so, Spin’s HTTP library can help. The following article explains how to access external APIs from within Spin applications.

SQLite Storage Using Javascript

Check out our NoOps and Serverless Are the Perfect Pair blog article that provides an SQLite database example (using Javascript).

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