Bartholomew configuration

Configuration Using TOML

TOML is a simple configuration format. Bartholomew uses TOML for the head in Markdown documents as well as in the site configuration. In this chapter, we will focus on site configuration.

Your site’s config/ directory has one configuration file in it, called site.toml:

title = "Bartholomew"
# logo = "URL to logo"
base_url = "http://localhost:3000"
about = "This site is generated with Bartholomew, the Spin micro-CMS. And this message is in site.toml."
theme = "fermyon"
index_site_pages = ["main"]

copyright = "The Site Authors"
github = ""
twitter = ""

Your Site’s Header; A.K.A. Frontmatter

You can think of this as “header for your site”.

It has a few pre-defined fields:

  • title: the title of your website
  • logo: a URL or static path to your logo
  • base_url: a base URL that templates can use to construct full URLs to content. This can be overridden by setting the -e BASE_URL="" environment variable for Spin.
  • about: a brief description of the site
  • theme: the name of the theme for the website from the /themes/ folder
  • index_site_pages: A list of templates for which Bartholomew will populate site.pages. (For more on site.pages see templates.)


You can define your own fields in the [extra] section. Anything in [extra] is not used by the system itself. But it’s a useful way to pass information from one central place to all of your templates. For example, a template can access the copyright value using ``.

Next Steps - Using Themes

Let’s take a look at how you can configure your site to use themes.