FAQ and Known Limitations

Service Limits

The following are the limits of the Fermyon Cloud

  • A user account can have a maximum of 5 Spin applications deployed at any time
  • A Spin application can have no more than 1,000 executions (inbound HTTP requests) every second
  • A Spin application can have no more than 500 outbound requests per hour
  • A Spin application request handler can take no more than 10 seconds to complete
  • A Spin application package cannot exceed a total size of 100MB
  • A user account can execute a maximum of 10 deployments in a minute
  • A user account can execute a maximum of 100 deployments in an hour
  • A user can execute a maximum of 3,000 requests per hour toward the Cloud API. This includes API requests from the CLI (spin) and navigating the Fermyon Cloud website.
  • The device and browser token lifetime is 7 days

Known Limitations

Spin Limitations

Fermyon Cloud supports Spin CLI v0.6.0 or newer. That being said, there are certain Spin SDK triggers and APIs that are not yet supported on Fermyon Cloud. Please review the table below to see what is supported today on Fermyon Cloud:

FeatureSDK Supported?
RedisNot supported
Outbound HTTPSupported
Key Value StorageComing soon
Outbound RedisSupported
Custom TriggersNot supported

To learn more about what feature support looks like for various programming languages, visit the Spin Language Support Guide.

Other Limitations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I see mixed replies from my service during an upgrade?
    • When doing an upgrade of an application, there is a gradual roll-out happening. This means that requests will hit both the existing and new modules, as the upgrade completes. You will see a pattern like the one below, showing the body reply from an HTTP request:
11:08:13 : Hello from Rust
11:08:18 : Hello from Rust - updated
11:08:19 : Hello from Rust
11:08:23 : Hello from Rust - updated
11:08:24 : Bad Gateway
11:08:26 : Hello from Rust - updated
11:08:27 : Bad Gateway
11:08:29 : Hello from Rust - updated
  • How do I report a security concern, or concerns, with content hosted on the Fermyon Cloud?

Next Steps

  • Learn how to engage with Fermyon to get support

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