Spin Visual Studio (VS) Code Extension

Visual Studio Code

VS Code is a source-code editor that can be used with a variety of programming languages. It was recently ranked the most popular developer environment tool (by 82, 000 respondents in the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey).

The Spin Extension

VS Code extensions allow you to add tools to your installation, to support your development workflow. Fermyon’s Spin VS Code Extension integrates Spin developer tasks into the VS Code editor.


The Spin Extension for VS Code can be found in the Visual Studio Marketplace and can also be installed by searching for Fermyon Spin within the Extensions section of your VS Code editor. The extension downloads and uses a compatible version of Spin by default.

Supported Spin Commands

At present, the Spin VS Code Extension supports the spin login, spin build and spin deploy commands. Simply open your VS Code terminal (from the main VS Code menu bar) to perform these commands.

Fermyon Cloud and VS Code

This video shows you how to create, build, deploy, update and re-deploy a new Spin application, all from within VS Code. The video is based on using Fermyon Cloud.

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